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Orkut Scraps - Orkut Birthday Scraps, Friendship Scraps, Funny Scraps

Orkut Scraps

Orkuts.in is a unique place where you get everything related to Orkut like Orkut scraps, Orkut glitters, Funny Orkut scraps, Love Orkut, Orkut Messages and Upcoming Festivals scraps.
Orkuts.in is a best website for Orkut scraps. So lets enjoy with Orkut graphics, Orkut image scraps, Orkut Greetings.

Latest Orkut Scraps

birthday scraps
funny scraps
love you scraps
rose scraps
orkut friendship scraps
miss you orkut scraps
Miss You

Latest Scraps for orkut

good morning orkut scraps
Good Morning
good night scraps
Good Night
hugs orkut scraps
how are you orkut scraps
How Are You
hello orkut scraps
smileys orkut scraps

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1. First of all select the category form left or right menu of orkuts.in you want to scrap. 2. Just copy the code below any image in category.
3. Paste this code into your friends scrapbook in orkut.com. Thus enjoy with latest orkut image scraps.

Orkut Text Scraps

No Study = Fail       (eq.1)
Study = No Fail       (eq.2)
By Combining (eq.1) & (eq.2)
( No Study + Study ) = ( No Fail + Fail )
By Taking ( Study ) as a common factor in the left hand side
And Taking ( Fail ) as a common factor in the right hand side
Study ( No + 1) = Fail (No + 1 )
By Dividing both sides by ( No + 1)
Study = Fail

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